“I have trouble matching pitch/singing in tune, but I love singing.  Can I still take lessons?”

ABSOLUTELY.  When most people say that someone is “tone-deaf”, what they really mean is that your vocal cords have trouble coordinating with what your brain wants to do.  It’s like saying that someone who has bad handwriting must be physically disabled when, in fact, you might just have never learned how to have good handwriting.  Same with singing.

If you’re interested in learning how to sing better, contact me (Katherine) here!

“But…. I think I’m tone-deaf, which means I’m hopeless, right?”

You might be clinically tone-deaf, it’s true.  But chances are that you (or someone else, like a choir teacher) labeled you as “tone-deaf” because you couldn’t match pitch consistently, not because you’re actually tone-deaf.

Singing is often seen as something that you can either do or you can’t, which is a FALSE premise.  Singing is a LEARNED SKILL, something that takes time and practice – which is why taking lessons is so very important.

If you love singing and want to take lessons, contact me (Katherine) here.  In the first few lessons, we’ll do some diagnostics and go from there!

“I’ve never taken lessons before . What should I do before I start taking lessons?”

Simply contact me and schedule a lesson – no preparation required!  The first lesson is us getting to know each other and your voice.  After that, we’ll decide where to go from there!  Singing lessons are (and should be) fun, not a crazy source of stress.

“I play an instrument while I’m singing.  Can you work with me?”

Of course!  I frequently work with people who play guitar, piano, violin, and a host of other instruments.  We will work on your singing voice and work on singing while playing the instrument (provided it’s not an instrument that uses your mouth or lungs!).  If you would like to start taking lessons, send me an email!

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me (Katherine) directly.  I will be more than happy to answer your questions!

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