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A Passion for Teaching:
Katherine Bruton Voice Studio

Katherine’s passion for teaching goes hand-in-hand with her passion for performance.  While at UCLA, she chose to get Bachelor of Arts degrees in both vocal performance and music education and has been teaching ever since.  She taught voice lessons through her private studio, Katherine Bruton Voice Studio, in Los Angeles, CA. She also worked as a music teacher in a classroom/group setting with ages 5 – 18.  She now teaches privately in the Chicago and via Skype.  She also provides group vocal workshops for choirs/vocal groups.

Healthy Technique For All Singers

Katherine teaches a healthy vocal technique that can be applied to all styles of singing.  Katherine has taught classical/opera singers, singers in more popular-style genres such as musical theater and alternative rock, actors/performers preparing for singing auditions, and those who enjoy singing and want to learn to do it better.  Her teaching comes from the Italian bel canto technique, which maximizes your body’s ability to create sound (which puts less strain on your vocal cords).  This technique allows for healthy singing instead of singing that hurts, causes hoarseness, and can cause long-term damage to your vocal cords.

Other Advantages of Voice Lessons

  • Increased self-esteem and confidence in public speaking and personal performance
  • Stronger, more connected speaking voice
  • Increased awareness of your body, allowing for better health and self-care
  • Creates a space for you to “be who you are and where you’re at”

Rates And Location

Location: via Skype or in the Chicago area. Please contact Katherine for details.

Private Lessons: $25 per half hour/$50 per hour (income-based scholarships available – contact Katherine for more information)

Group Workshops:  Contact Katherine for pricing