Production Pictures

Katherine Bruton as Darling Donnis and Matthew Peckham, tenor, as the wrestler Lord Poetry in the Chicago premiere of Philip Thompson’s The Final Battle For Love. The two lovers sing a beautiful love duet inspired by Shakespeare’s sonnet #116 – a perhaps foreboding sonnet about idealized love. (Photo credit: Philip Thompson)
Katherine as Wing Tip in The Rootabaga Stories by Yvonne Freckmann with Thompson Street Opera. Here, Wing Tip is still very overwhelmed by two of her four uncles, who are constantly asking her questions. Pictured with Dennis Kalup (left, with the amazing sweater) and Max Hosmer (right). (Photo credit: Claire DiVizio/Thompson Street Opera)
Katherine as Mabel in Gilbert and Sullivan’s “The Pirates of Penzance” just after meeting her love, Frederic. (Photo credit: Steve Merkel)
Katherine Bruton sings Le feu (The Fire)’s aria from Ravel’s L’enfant et les sortilèges (The Child and the Spells).  Le feu tells the spoiled Enfant (The Child) to shape up or face the consequences!  This production was set in a 1950s women’s prison. (Photo credit: Shawn Flint Blair)
IMG_2822 (crop).png
Le feu (Katherine) toys with the guard (tenor Nick Harmantzis) – a move that leads to some deadly consequences.  (Photo credit: Shawn Flint Blair.)
Katherine as the man-crazy anthropologist Claire in “Carried Away” from Leonard Bernstein’s “On The Town” (opposite baritone Noah DeMoss).  Directed by Peter Kazaras, conducted by Paul Floyd.
Sassy Nun
Katherine backstage in her costume as the clumsy but well-meaning Sister Jean in Händel’s L’Allegro, il Penseroso, ed il Moderato.  This performance took place in the Clark Library in Los Angeles, CA, which allowed the audience to immersed in the show.  Directed by James Darrah and music direction by Baroque music expert Stephen Stubbs.  (Photo credit: David Childs)


Elle (L'amour masquè)
Katherine (far right) as Elle in a selection from André Messager’s operetta L’amour masqué (The masked love). Elle is the lover of a maharajah (far left), who has given her a beautiful gift to win her heart – but when Elle asks for a second expensive gift, mayhem ensues.  This 1920s-inspired performance was for a concert of French operetta in Los Angeles, CA for SongFest.  Directed by Amy Burton, accompanied by composer John Musto.  (Photo credit: Maddie Worndl)
Photo with Kelci Hahn
Katherine backstage with cast-mate and fellow Star Trek alien Kelci Hahn during a Star Trek production of Mozart’s The Abduction from the Seraglio with Pacific Opera Project in Los Angeles, CA.  (And yes, all of the enemies were Klingons.)  Directed by Josh Shaw. (Photo credit: Kelci Hahn)
Katherine Bruton - Bergere
Katherine as La bergère (The high-backed chair) in a 2013 production of L’enfant et les sortilèges (The Child and the Spells). For this production, all of the characters in this scene were passengers on an unusual journey in a New York subway car.  Directed by Peter Kazaras, conducted by Neal Stulberg.  (Photo credit: Mona Lands)


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